Reussir sur Tiktok


2022 sera sans doute encore l’année Tiktok avec un potentiel de reach inégalé par rapport aux autres plateformes. Il est important d’avoir les éléments clés en tête si on veut espérer concurrencer avec les gros tiktokeurs. Et c’est tout à fait possible!

Voilà pourquoi…

60 secondes max

100 followers pour chaque 1000 likes


Time before posting 45 minutes even

When a topic work: do part 2 jusqu’à ce que ça marche plus. (même format de video pour garder la cohérence)

Post  o blow up

2 metrics: watch time and percentage of people who completed the video

Shares likes comments don’t matter so much just ask for follow

hashtags and description matter

tiktok hashtags strategy

description: reinforcement of the hook

use text in the video (KW)

continue to put text on the screen to keep the hook working

Transition: help keep people engage. (point feet and go to face or mirror quickly) not so important

sound: music with mini 50k videos made to them 500k to 1M -> trend has passed

Find a niche: type a KW and find a videos for this month most liked

same length, same sound, same hooks. + spy on creators videos

Batch creation + repost : like the videos that you want to copy so you can find them easily when you need to create content

Broad trends go to the discovers page: check hashtags, sounds, hooks, and just copy

model yourself after 2 – 3 creators minimum. The ones that are trending right now


Poster à la même heure pour habituer les followers -> plus de vues

Les habitués ont plus tendance à interagir -> augmentation de l’engagement

Hook: 2 secondes sur tiktok

accouche mystérieuse: augmentation de Average Watch Time

Hook example:

Things that you thought where good but are not

If you want this to happen watch this video

Si tu vois cette video avant le 30 mai

Tu n’arriveras pas à …. si tu ne vois pas cette video

Mettre la partie la plus intéressante de la video au début pendant 2 sec (fast pace)

The info the rich don’t want you to know about

Add people reactions

Idée de contenu

Reprendre les tendances les formats




Quand poster

quoi poster

Combien de fois par jour

Quel hashtags

comment trouver les tendances

les dernières tendances

Augmenter le reach: 3 – 6 videos par jour

  • information
  • entertainment

Collaboration as much a possible

DElayed explosions happen: don’t delete the video. Tiktok might pick it up later (a month or so)

Les features qui marche: (newest and trending


green screen photo

green screen video

Be consistent, viral video will happen to you.

1 post sur 6 ne marche pas (minimum)

Make sure you check community and copyright rules to prevent account from getting banned.

No honey moon period, no need to create a new account when you get shadow banned (7 – 14 days) just wait it out.

Fake engagement, don’t do it, do not like your own post.

You can be the first comment to engage people to take action

How to ask for engagement:

What are you doing this summer?

Clic the plus sign if its beach (if you think this is going to be the most answered)

Double tap if its mountain

comment below if its something else

24 – 72h you can repost.

don’t repost twice the same video the same day

When to post more

When you get traction or when your conversion rate is above 50% (conversion rate is follower/likes).

When you reach this point, post minimum 8 videos a day to bank on this.(4 videos can do the trick and then repost once)

2 of the videos: respond in the comment

2 of the videos: do what

2 of them: repost

how to get 1000 first followers on tiktok

engage with first followers to initiate them to engage back with you.

Chaque post est traité individuellement par l’algorithme. Si un post ne marche pas, le suivant pourrait très bien devenir viral.

CTA à la fin sur chaque post

Au total ne pas repost plus de 3 fois la même video

When to post:

9:30am to 11am

Don’t use a VPN, you’ll get shadow banned

2 to 5pm

5 best post: 30 min before and 30 min after. you have your time posting range. best watch time and % of ppl completing the video (50% at least)

8pm to 10:30pm

sous 13 sec: watch time aim 100%

13 to 20 sec: 85%

20 to 40 sec: 70%

over 40 sec: 50%


3 broad # (#tiktok etc) and 2 niche # (# picnic) (not too small!), must be relevant. In the beginning you could not use # 1 post out of 2 but wen you get traction, always use #

Don’t use the same # on every posts

Don’t put # in the comment section

Hashtag structure and strategy:

  1. no hashtag
  2. 3 niche specific hashtags
  3. 3 broad and 2 niche specific hashtags
  4. 4 broad and 2 niche specific hashtags


index content

Tiktok is no longer limited to kids topics

If one video is working well, then let it breathe. Next post should be similar 24 or up to 72h after depending on the success.

CTA -> Repost feature to increase the reach.

Stories: to test/tease the future post and then CTA follow

Monétisation sur tiktok

  1. brand deals (the most risky because it depends on your view count)
  2. reach out
  3. make easy to reach out to you
  4. market place if you have over 100k

make a post that is successful and show the result to brands

  1. affiliate marketing
  2. pay out selection
  3. valuable to your audience
  1. tiktok creator funds (target adults), paid duet or paid sounds (with new artists that want to promote their music)
  2. build your own product or service to get leads from tiktok users